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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

The final regulations of the Every Student Succeeds Act were released November 2016. There have been substantial revisions made between the draft regulations and the final regulations.  The National Association of School Psychologists is currently working on a summary of the changes, but have emphasized the importance of SISPs (Specialized Instructional Support Personnel including school psychologists) throughout the document.  Here is a copy of the link to the final regulations, all 383 pages!  As Vermont continues to move forward with the implementation of ESSA, we need to be sure that we are communicating the value of school psychologists to key stakeholders.  I will continue to provide you with resources as they are developed. Happy reading.

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Help a Graduate Student?

I am writing you to ask for your participation in my dissertation research. If you are a practicing school psychologist, you are eligible to participate in the study! It will only take approximately 20 minutes of your time.  If you are interested in helping us better understand the identification of specific learning disability (SLD), please take a moment to read the description below. If you decide to participate, please click on the link to obtain and sign the consent form. Once you agree to the terms and conditions presented on the consent form, you will be directed to the survey.


My study examines how school psychologists identify SLD. You will be asked to read several vignettes containing information of students referred for evaluations due to significant learning and academic difficulties.  You will be asked to rate your level of confidence in identifying the students as SLD following each vignette. Participation in this study is important to gain an understanding of how psychologists identify SLD in the schools.


Feel free to contact me at if you have any additional questions.


Please click here to take the survey!

    Here are some ideas for school psychologists to become involved in the development of ESSA and to have a voice in Vermont Education.  Amy Fowler shared these links with us at our annual Spring conference at Castleton College.  We must get involved to have a voice! :

    1.      MTSS Connection- Watterson, is the lead for this team.  Resources are located here:

    2.      ESSA Plan:

    3.    Subscribe to Weekly Field Memo (WFM) :Subscribe Online: The field memo has time-sensitive and relevant information designed for students, teachers, and staff. The Agency encourages principals, headmasters, and superintendents to share the memo with their education community. Additionally, individuals can subscribe or unsubscribe online.

    4.    Follow up materials related to Stacy’s presentation

    a.    Building on stakeholder Engagement:Public Input (Presentation)

    b.    Foster Youth Information: - AOE has worked with our partners at AHS and this is well developed and already underway.  Hanrahan, is the best contact at the AOE for state placed students.

    c.     Vermont Discipline Report: -you can review the rate of exclusionary discipline, disproportional effects for particular groups, and the types of exclusions. Tracy Watterson is also leading this work.

    d.    Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results- -please note that AHS follows different ways of reporting than AOE- any questions about this reporting should be directed to AHS who compiles this data.  Sorry, I can’t help with this.

    e.    Governor’s Boards and Commissions:


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